11This page contains links to some of the things I’ve been a part of building over the years, arranged in alphabetical order.

First, you can see a bird’s eye view of my work in open source over the years by checking my ohloh.net page:

Ohloh profile for Kevin Ollivier

Here are some specific samples of work I’ve done over the years.


Project Goal: Enable users to produce e-books adhering to the ePub standard, and learning modules adhering to IMS standards.

Role: Primary developer and maintainer

Languages Used: Python, C++ (for supporting components like wxWebKit and wxWidgets)

Sample Code:


Project Goal: Create a cross-platform toolkit for developing GUI applications

Role: Contributor, with a focus on the Mac port.

Languages Used: C++, Python, Obj-C

Sample Code:


Project Goal: Create a best of breed set of Python bindings for developing cross-platform interfaces.

Role: Committer, contributor, Google Summer of Code mentor (mentored the unit testing project).

Languages Used: Python

Sample Code:


Project Goal: Create a cross-platform, embeddable web browser and editor component usable by wxWidgets applications.

Role: Primary developer and maintainer.

Languages Used: C++, Python, Obj-C

Sample Code: